Thompson Cycle and Services

We want to become your local motorcycle repair and service shop. We are making great strides to being a fully independent motorcycle shop. The end of this riding season has brought us to the end of construction on a brand new 1200 square foot shop!! We are excited to finishing this building and adding new equipment and tools.


2 thoughts on “Thompson Cycle and Services

  1. Having trouble with my 1988 Harley Davidson ultra classic. rear brake had begun to drag locking down the rear wheel. I had replaced the caliper piston and seals, installed new pads and put everything back together after a short ride I had the same problem with dragging in rear brake system. I research for independent harley mechanic and found (thompson cycle) in Merryvile tn. THE BEST DECISION I MADE WAS TAKING THE BIKE TO (THOMPSON CYCLE.) DOUG is a super nice guy and very knowledgeable!!! Does awsome work, very thorough, and up front from the beginning. I learned alot about my bike just having conversation with Doug. GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!


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