Local independent bike shop

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I am a native in Blount County and also an avid motorcycle rider. I have seen many, many bike shops come and go in this area and yet to see one fully independent shop stay in business to meet the needs of the local motorcycle community. This area is in desperate need of a local shop that can give a motorcycle enthusiast the choice of going to a dealership or an independent shop with the same parts as a dealership, and the choice of similar products with as high or higher quality as the dealership offers. The importance of this is what this country is founded on. CHOICES. It sometimes simply comes down to whether you want to pay a higher price for the same quality product. We are a new business however I am not new to servicing, troubleshooting, or custom building Harley’s. I have wrenched on scoots since the early 90’s and finally have gotten fed up with the fact we(local people) don’t have a choice but take our bikes to a high priced shop to get certain things done on our bikes. Thompson Cycle will be a fully independent shop at the first of the year. We will be able to do any job that a dealership can including Dynomometer, ignition timing, fuel mapping, even factory key fob programming. We wil be able to reflash your ECM and put in a better fuel/timing map for your individual riding needs. We are able to service your bike now and as we build up our equipment you will soon have a full service shop at your becon call. we also offer a pickup service if your not able to come to us. We dont just focus on Harley either. We are also your local Lucas motorcycle oil distributor.


Thompson Cycle and Services

We want to become your local motorcycle repair and service shop. We are making great strides to being a fully independent motorcycle shop. The end of this riding season has brought us to the end of construction on a brand new 1200 square foot shop!! We are excited to finishing this building and adding new equipment and tools.